Whether you consider your accumulation of assets to be simple or complex, having a will is a must. A properly drafted Will can reduce stress for, and conflict among your loved ones by ensuring your wishes are clearly and properly represented.

Your Will outlines how you wish your assets to be distributed and also covers so much more, such as:
In addition to a Will, you may also wish to consider having a Living Will (health care directive) to deal with treatment of medical conditions. This will give control over medical decisions to someone you know and trust.

As well, a Power of Attorney is a very useful document to deal with your financial circumstances. This can be a Spinning Power of Attorney which only takes effect upon loss of competency, or a General Power of Attorney, which has greater flexibility. In both cases, the Power of Attorney should be enduring so as to last during periods of incapacity.

We can assist in ensuring all proper clauses are included to suit your particular circumstances.

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